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"Whatever you do, in word or deed, do it all to the glory of God." ~ Col. 3:17
Don't you just love discovering something new and
exciting? When I'm writing, I often feel that way as the
story unfolds and the characters reveal themselves.

I hope you will join me in discovering the Gregory
Sisters, the main characters in my new series. These
three sisters promise to help one another achieve their
dreams--not an easy fete at the turn of the Century.

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The Center, Council Bluffs

MAY 2015

As Love Blooms
The Gregory Sisters Series
Young love opens like a rose . . .
but even a rose has its thorns

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"The second historical
romance in Seilstad's Gregory
Sisters series is an artfully
decorated period piece with
details that transport readers
to an era of street cars and

              --Kate Campos, Booklist

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