Wedding Ideas
When I first meet with a bride before her wedding, I ask her to pick three things, her "wishes",
that would make her wedding special to her. It might be a certain dress or a bouquet or a
carriage to leave in. One bride wanted a flower strewn white runner to walk down the aisle on.
For another, it was red roses everywhere.

Then, I tell the bride that we can't make all her dreams come true, but we can try our best to
find a way to make these three things come true. With a little creativity and some careful
planning, almost any bride can have her three wishes.

These "three wishes" help a bride narrow her choices and gives her something to build
around. Still it's important to remember, there are no fairy godmothers. If you want your three
wishes to come true and have enough money left to feed your guests at the reception, you
are most likely going to have to do some of the work  yourself.  
Make Three Wishes
Making Your Wishes Come True
Some cost cutting ideas:

  • Consider getting married on a night other than Saturday. Many
    establishments can give you a better deal on a day of the week.

  • Attend premarital counseling. Some churches will let you have a wedding
    free, if you agree to premarital counseling with the minister there.
    Premarital counseling is great anyway!

  • Make your own programs and invitations. With today's graphic design
    programs, making your own program is a snap. Invitations are a bit more
    complicated but can be done. If you don't make your own, shop around.
    Prices on these items vary greatly.

  • Choose favors that represent the two of you as a couple. There is no need
    to purchase elaborate gifts for everyone who attends your wedding. Be
    creative. What do the two of you enjoy. Are you into saving the
    environment? Give small tree seedlings to each guest. Do you enjoy
    cooking? What about giving a recipe book of your specialties or a set of
    measuring spoons? Is your new last name popular? Perhaps there is a
    product with it available such as hot chocolate packets.

  • Consider doing your own flowers or asking someone else to do it. Flowers
    are available from various online sources at much lower costs than those
    at a florist. For example, at one source, you can get 100 red roses for about
    $83. Today's hand tied bouquets are fairly easy to do with a bit of practice.
    Boutonnières are simple and corsages can be easy as well.

    More cost-saving ideas to come!
I strongly encourage all
couples to seek
pre-marital counseling
at a local congregation.
These classes will
identify potential
areas of strife, teach
you both how to help
you develop a plan
for your new home.
-Inspirational author and speaker