Scavenger Hunt Stop #11

Spring-scavenger-collageYou’re on your way!

Welcome to stop #11 on the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt. The hunt begins at noon (Mountain Time Zone) on Friday, April 4, 2013 and ends Sunday, April 6, 2014, at midnight. If you are just arriving, you’ll want to go the first stop here.

As you progress through the scavenger hunt, you will collect a CLUE IN RED at each stop. Write these down as you go. At the end of the hunt, you will enter these clues into a Rafflecopter form.

The hunt is open to international entries. The grand prize is a Kindle Fire HDX along with a $100 gift certificate. Two runners-up will receive all 32 of the new releases featured by the authors in the hunt.

Now, it is my honor and pleasure to introduce you to Margaret Daley. I first met Margaret at the American Fiction Christian Writers conference where she was active in her role as president. Not only is she an amazingly gifted writer, she is also a sweet, genuine person.


Margaret Daley

1-Margaret Daley photo-jpgBestselling author, Margaret Daley, is multi-published with 94 books. She had written for Harlequin, Abingdon, Kensington, Dell, and Simon and Schuster. She has won multiple awards, including the prestigious Carol Award, Holt Medallion and Inspirational Readers’ Choice Contest. To find out more about Margaret visit her website at .

Strong Women in Extraordinary Situations

photoI am writing a series of novellas about: Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations. My first novella is out right now—Deadly Hunt, part of collection one for Inspy Kisses. In May is my last book of Guardians, Inc. Series for Love Inspired Suspense, Bodyguard Reunion, about female bodyguards. Many readers have described these books showcasing strong women, women ready to do what they have to protect others. They make hard decisions in tough situations.

I decided to ask others what they thought a strong woman was on Facebook. I got some wonderful comments from a “woman with a strong faith” to words like having perseverance, compassionate, a sense of humor and full of integrity. People talked about a woman who faced difficult situations and came out the other end stronger, a better person, reinforced in her faith.

I have always felt my mother was what I considered a strong woman. She was there for others as a mother, friend, daughter and nurse. Her faith was strong and helped her get through difficult situations. She cared about others and wasn’t afraid to show it. She did what needed to be done.

Women with the above characteristics are interesting to develop and write. They are not flawless. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. What is important is what the person does with those strengths and weaknesses. They believe in hope and trust in God because without them what is there.

We’ve all met strong women. I’d love to hear about what you think is a strong woman or about a woman who you know is strong. What is a strong woman to you?

And here’s a little more about Deadly Hunt by Margaret Daley

margaret_coverFrom #1 Amazon Bestselling Author Margaret Daley comes a new romance suspense Deadly Hunt, part of the First Kisses collection of novellas:

All bodyguard Tess Miller wants is a vacation. But when a wounded stranger stumbles into her isolated cabin in the Arizona mountains, Tess becomes his lifeline. When Shane Burkhart opens his eyes, all he can focus on is his guardian angel leaning over him. And in the days to come he will need a guardian angel while being hunted by someone who wants him dead.

Buy First Kisses Novella Collection:


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And I’m sure you’ll want to read Body Guard Reunion, too. So here’s the scoop.


Teaming up with an old flame is not what bodyguard Chloe Howard would call a smart move. Nine years ago Chloe and T. J. Davenport worked on a case together, fell in love, then went their separate ways. Now she’s reunited with the fearless bodyguard to protect a controversial couple on a book tour through Texas. And the reunion reminds Chloe of dreams best forgotten. She knows she has to keep her emotions in check so their clients’ protection remains their top priority. Protection that is the only thing keeping them from falling prey to a stalker’s deadly schemes.

 Buy Bodyguard Reunion (Love Inspired Suspense) by Margaret Daley:


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Christianbooks. com

Now, get out your pen and write down the clue for this scavenger hunt stop (#11). It’s read the books. You’ll need all the red clues when you get to the end to enter into Rafflecopter if you want to win the big prize. And when you’re finished here, head on over to Hunt Stop #12.Margaret Daley’s Blog.



While Love Stirs 2I’m celebrating the release of While Love Stirs, book 2 in the Gregory Sisters Series, with a special giveaway.

Prize package #1

When Love Calls

 While Love Stirs

Fannie Farmer’s Cookbook

Prize Package #2

When Love Calls and While Love Stirs


How do you enter this bonus giveaway? On the previous blog stop, I introduced you to the wonder of the gas stove. To enter this part, LIKE my Lorna Seilstad’s Fan Page, then return here and tell me about your your worst kitchen disaster (or a friend’s) in the comments below. Make sure you mention that you LIKED my Facebook page, too. For a bonus chance, sign up for my newsletter and mention that, too. If you’ve already done both, thank you! Just let me know.

FFcookbookMy kitchen horror story occurred when I was eleven. I had very long hair and was mixing a cake. I turned to look at the minute hand on the clock to make sure I was mixing it long enough, and a section of my hair got wrapped around the beaters. The section was yanked out in a millisecond and left me a quarter-sized bald spot for a month. Needless to say, we threw the cake batter away.

Now, it’s your turn. Let’s have some fun and share our kitchen nightmares.


Bonus giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

The winners will be posted on this blog on April. 7.


465 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Stop #11

  1. My worst kitchen disaster was right after I had got married and invited my husbands brother and wife for dinner. i wanted everything to be perfect. I was making my mothers famous BBQ spare ribs and home made macaroni and cheese. Well everything was going great until the cheese over flowed and caught fire in the bottom of the oven. I was so embarrassed. To make matters worse we lived in an apartment so we had the windows open and the smoke detectors going off. My sister-in-law still to this day 29 years later teases me. We can all sit around and laugh about it now but it certainly was not so funny at the time. Thank you for sharing your story. I have also taken this time to like your fb page and signed up for your news letter. ~ Blessings to you ~

  2. I’ve just gone and liked your page on facebook and I’ve signed up for your newsletter as well. My kitchen disaster was quite recent actually. I was trying to make fun shaped crayons by melting pieces of old ones and inadvertently placed them in molds on utterly flammable paper. My whole oven caught fire while I was home alone with my 3 year old and 9 month old. I didn’t know what to do but was relieved when it burned itself out in the oven. I opened the oven to survey the damage and it burst into flames again! We’re all fine and the oven still works but I learned a few lessons that day and added fire extinguisher to the shopping list!

    Thanks for being a part of the scavenger hunt. I love online scavenger hunts – totally brings out the kid in me!

    I don’t know if you ever participate in linky parties, but if you are ever so inclined, I’d love for you to join our book-loving community at Booknificent Thursdays on We gather every Thursday and share posts about books we’ve been reading or writing and how books are impacting our lives. We’d love to have you join us anytime!


    • Oven fires are terrifying, Tina! Thanks for the invite to the linky party. I will try to stop by. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. My disasters were putting stuff in the microwave and not adding water so nothing cooked or accidentally starting the microwave with nothing in it! I also liked your facebook page!

  4. Lorna, I would love to read your books. I’ll get one soon.
    I liked your Facebook page.

    • Forgot the kitchen fun. When I tried to make a potpie mixture I made way to much to fit in the dish – we ate it eternally.

  5. I liked your facebook!

    My worst kitchen disaster was when I was first learning to cook without milk (I’m lactose intolerant). I found a recipe for a cheesecake made out of tofu. There was absolutely no way of redeeming that poor cheesecake.

    • Oh, Anna, having done a few experiments myself in the kitchen, I can imagine your poor cheesecake.

  6. Yours was much more interesting than mine but more painful. My worst kitchen disaster was probably a few weeks ago when I made cheese biscuits. I had made them before, but I accidentally used flour when I was supposed to use Bisquick. They didn’t turn out very good and I had to start over again, then when the new ones were made my dog jumped up on the counter and ate three of them! It was only two seconds after I turned around!
    I liked your page and signed up for your newsletter.

  7. My biggest kitchen disaster was on Easter. It was my turn to cook Easter dinner and every year we have a turkey for dinner. It was the fist year in our house so I was very happy to cook. I put the turkey in the oven and we went to church for Easter service. When we came back the whole house was with smoke. Good thing that the turkey was okay and the house didn’t burn down. I put to much water in the turkey and it boiled out. We opened the windows, had the fans going. When everyone came we all had a good laugh,

  8. Hmmm… the worst one? Maybe when I put nerds (the candy) in the microwave…heehee…not my brightest idea. ;)
    I liked your Facebook and subscribed to your e-mail list. :)
    ~Lindsey Z

  9. I have had a lot of kitchen “disasters” – I’m just not much of a cook. One of the funniest that happened to my young daughter was when she attempted to make her first batch of cookies. She worked hard and after they were baked, she excitedly tried one, even though they didn’t look quite right. She made a face and said: “What’s wrong with these?” I tasted one and asked her a question. Sure enough, she had put the right amount of “sugar” in, only she had used “salt” instead of the sugar!

    • Oh no, Esther! I judged an apple pie contest for 4H one time and the same thing happened. When they auctioned the pies off, the girl’s grandparents still bought it.

  10. I liked your page. My worse kitchen disaster is I dumped a whole pot of noodles into the sink trying to drain the water…and the sink wasn’t empty.

  11. My worst story happened when I was probably 10. I was spending the week at my grandma’s and she let me bake chocolate chip cookies by myself. I was so excited! As I was putting the ingredients into the bowl, I mentioned that she was running low on salt. My sweet grandma turned around and said “How is that possible? That was a new container of salt!” It was possible because instead of putting in TEASPOONS of salt, I had put in CUPS of salt. Thankfully, Grandma caught it before I tried to bake the cookies. And I have been oh so careful about double checking my measurements ever since.

  12. One of my kitchen disasters was in my early married life. I had a nice stand mixer & decided I wanted to make a big batch of bread (6 loaves) like my mom always did when I lived at home to impress my hubby with his wife’s baking skills. The bread turned out amazing looking, but then I took a bite. Yuck! Forgot to add salt. Even salting it after buttering the bread couldn’t save it LOL Had to throw out all 6 loaves – sigh … I liked your facebook page =)

  13. I liked your page and signed up for the newsletter.

    I had never heard of Fannie Farmer until I married my husband. The cookbook was a staple in his house growing up and we use it constantly!

    My worst kitchen disaster … there are many to choose from. :) One time I put a tablespoon of salt into a spoonbread recipe instead of a teaspoon of salt. Inedible. And when we moved into our last house, we used the over for storing some appliances while we unpacked. Forgetting we’d done that, I turned the oven on to preheat and melted a small appliance in the oven. Then there was a time I turned on the wrong burner while a dirty pyrex pan sat on the oven waiting to be washed. Thankfully no one was in the kitchen because it got so hot it exploded and shot glass all over the kitchen.

    Looking forward to this book!

    • Glass shooting across the kitchen! Be still my heart. We melted a kids toy dish in the oven. Apparently one of my cherubs thought they were “cooking.”

  14. My worst kitchen disaster was while I was making some Top Ramen. While in college it became quite a staple for me, and I decided to make some while I was home for break. The easiest way to make it is in a bowl, with water, in the microwave. Well… I forgot the water and ended up cooking the dry noodles in the microwave for over 3 minutes. Needless to say, they were burned to a crisp and the house was filled with the nastiest smoke smell possible. Oops! :)

    I liked you on Facebook & subscribed to your Newsletter for the contest!

  15. I can’t think of any big kitchen disasters that happened to me personally but I have 8 siblings so there are several to tell! Some of my favorites are when one sister put a metal pot in the microwave, or when another sister turned on the wrong stove burner and blew up a glass pan of brownies, or the time we were all snitching icing and my youngest sister who couldn’t yet see over the counter top stuck her finger in grease instead! The most I can remember doing is melting or singing a spoon a little, I was number six so I got to learn from all their mistakes!
    I subscribed to your newsletter but I am currently living at my parent’s and they have forbidden facebook so I can’t like your fan page though I would if I could! Not sure if I can still enter the giveaway but I figured it was worth a shot!

  16. The first time I made rice on my own (around 14 or 15) I didn’t measure the water and of course it boiled away and burnt the pot. Somehow I had never noticed that my mom always measured the water. Oops. Took me a couple times to get it completely right.
    I liked (had liked?) your page!

  17. I’ve not really had any huge kitchen disasters, mostly because I’m not a very adventurous cook. I can normally follow a recipe pretty well… I did recently try a new chicken pot pie sort of recipe and it was sooooo bland. I’m not very good with seasonings in general.

  18. I “Liked” your page on FB.
    Probably one of my worst kitchen disasters was when we attempted to make our own fondant. With no powdered sugar. I was younger, not driving, & my parents couldn’t run out to pick any powdered sugar up. And we had three over-done cakes already baked! We have a power blender & just dumped white granulated sugar inside & whirred it up until white dust hung in the air in the kitchen, & the blender sounded unhappy. Can’t even remember if we went thru with making fondant & covering the cakes–but powdering our own sugar was not pretty!

  19. My worst kitchen disaster happened when we had a family from church over for supper. I had taken the chicken enchiladas out of the oven and set them on the stovetop. They were in a glass baking dish. I accidently turned on the wrong burner and a few minutes later I heard a crack. I pulled the dish off quickly and turned off the burner. Thinking everything was okay I put the dish on the table and we proceeded to sit down to eat. About 1/2 way through the dinner the dish shattered into thousands of pieces all over the table, floor and our dinner plates. Needless to say dinner was cut short that night. The family was very gracious and about and we had a good laugh later! I have taken the time to sign up for your newsletter and like your facebook page! Thank you for the opportunity to win your books! Have a great weekend!

  20. Liked your Facebook page. My biggest kitchen disaster was baking a expensive roast for Sunday dinner with company on the way when I heard a loud cracking sound. I went to the oven and my glass baking dish had cracked in half. Of course we had to order pizza because I couldn’t be sure there wasn’t any glass in the roast. The pan was not cracked or scratched why it broke is still a mystery.

  21. I was boiling an unopened can of Eagle Brand milk for a pie. I let the water boil away and the can exploded. What a mess I had in my kitchen!

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  22. My worst kitchen disaster(it didn’t really make a mess just ruined a batch of cookies) was when I had a one cup scoop and for some reason thought it was a half a cup…. it didn’t turn out too good!! But we all had a good laugh:)
    I liked your FaceBook page and subscribed to your newsletter!

  23. I’ve liked your FB page! One of my kitchen disaster’s is that my kitchen has carpet. It’s very difficult to clean egg yolk up….

  24. My worst kitchen disaster is easy. I was a new bride and wanted to make my husband his favorite dessert – jelly roll. I got it all mixed up and in the oven of the little apartment. When the timer went off I opened the oven door only to cry. The oven was uneven so one end of the cake part of what was to be a jelly roll was still soupy and the other end was burned to a crisp.

    • And you were trying to impress your new hubby. I’m sure you’ve made him many more successful jelly rolls, but not with any more love.

  25. I am already a fan on facebook and I receive your newslettter.

    I will never forget a major mistake I made in Home Ec. We were making yeast bread and I grabbed the powder milk canister instead of the flour. In my home we did not use powdered milk so was not expecting it to be in a canister on the counter. My teacher demonstrated she could yell when she discovered what I had done.

    • That was a mean thing for the teacher to do. It would be a fairly easy thing to accidentally swap, but it would be pretty hard to kneed. :)

  26. I like your FB page! I’ve never really had a huge kitchen disaster before. I’ve burned plenty of batches of cookies because I was in the middle of a good book though nothing worse then that… but then again burning cookies is horrific!

  27. I have not read any of your books but look forward to reading them. I liked you on facebook and signed up for your newsletter. One of my more memorable kitchen disasters was in middle school in home ec. We put self rising flour instead of plain flour when making banana nut bread – it overflowed into the oven – the teacher was not too happy. I can’t remember the grade we got but it was not good. Now I have my grandmother’s banana nut bread recipe and it turns out Delicious!!

    • YOu’d think home ec teacher would be used to things like that happening. BTW, Making Waves, my first book, is free on Kindle/Nook/E-book right now, Susan.

  28. Having a lot of fun! I liked and subscribe. I can’t think of anything that I’ve done, but when I was teaching my daughter to cook she dropped an egg on the floor and couldn’t figure out how to get it cleaned up. So I showed her how to make it much easier by pouring salt on it before trying to wipe it up :)

  29. I liked your FB page.

    The worst kitchen disaster I can think of was the first Christmas I cooked everything because we decided to not travel and have a nice quiet, stress-free Christmas. Ha! I made monkey bread for breakfast and it overflowed the pan and burnt onto the bottom of the oven. I completely forgot to clean it off in my hurry to get the turkey in the oven. By the time it really started cooking, the oven started smoking (from all that burnt sugar on the bottom of the oven). We had to have all the doors and windows open for a few hours while the turkey finished baking because I didn’t have time to let the oven cool down and then cook the turkey if we wanted to eat on Christmas day. The turkey tasted a little smokey. Not my best effort. My kids remind me every other year (when we stay home and have a “less stressful” holiday). They laugh, I’m not quite there yet.

  30. My kitchen disaster is when I was trying to make frosting, and added too much milk. So I kept adding powdered sugar until I got the right consistency… needless to say we had A LOT of frosting to use up!

    Following you on facebook and subscribed to your newsletter! Thanks for your giveaway!

  31. I joind your page, subscribing to newsletter!
    Once I was expected to bring lunch up to the guys in the barn….the rice for the hot dish would NOT cook down….it got later and later….. then all of a sudden, it got like glue. I had to serve it, as it was terribly late & I had nothing else. I was so flustered…I just plopped it down and left. Anytime now, that something does not turn out, I refer to it as “Glop”. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen too often anymore!

  32. I liked your facebook and subscribed to your newsletter.
    My most embarrassing kitchen disaster didn’t involve cooking but rather the cleaning up part. I was at my now in-laws for the very first time (had only met them once before this) and was helping clear the table after supper. I had grabbed the whole stack of dishes to take into the kitchen and they slipped out of my hands and trying to catch them, both the plates and myself went to the floor……. i was horrified!!!

  33. I liked your facebook page. My worst disaster happened at Thanksgiving when I was so proud to be making my very first pecan pies. Unfortunately, for some strange and unknown reason, the oven was set on broil. I ended up with a burned pecan mess! Now, I always double check the oven settings!

  34. I haven’t had too many kitchen disasters. I have forgotten about something in the oven and burned it but that is about all. I liked your page on facebook and subscribed to your newsletter.

  35. Liked your facebook wall and signed up for your newsletter…
    Worst Kitchen fiasco was when my son Michael wanted to make cookies and made up chocolate oatmeal cookies but forgot to add enough flour so the butter in them melted and it ran all over my oven !!!!!!

    Linda Finn

  36. I liked your facebook! I found this recipe on Pinterest that made gummy worms out of jello and straws. The jello stuck inside the straws and stuck to the pan so bad I had to soak it overnight to get it out. I will never make those again. haha. Thanks for doing the scavenger hunt! I’m really enjoying it so far. :-)

  37. I am a fan of your page and just signed up for your newsletter.

    My worst kitchen mishap would have to be I was boiling about a dozen eggs for deviled egg. I had them boiling and I totally forgot about them. When I finally did there was NO water left in the pot and could smell burning…….got things cleaned and started to peel them and they were burnt. Could not believe it……

    • Oh, I believe how bad it smelled. My hubby did the same thing except he left them even longer. They exploded all over the kitchen walls and ceiling.

  38. I stumbled upon Making Waves at a Christian Bookstore that was closing and have liked you on Facebook ever since! (PS: loved all the Lake Manawa Summer books and read them multiple times!)

    My classic kitchen nightmare would probably have to be when I first moved in with my husband… I had grown up cooking on a gas stove, and as many know gas stoves have a dramatically different temperature profile to electric ones. With a gas stove you can turn the heat up high, but the pan still takes a few minutes to heat up all the way… I did not realize at the time that gas and electric stoves are not created equal, and turned my electric burners to high to make a grilled cheese sandwich. I buttered the bread, placed it in the pan and stepped away for a moment to answer the door and receive a package and by the time I returned the whole kitchen was filled with smoke and the bread was not a golden brown, but a charcoal brick! It smelled like burnt bread for 3 days, I have not made the same mistake since.

    • Thanks for being a reader, Claire!

      I know what you mean about the differences in gas and electric. It can be really tricky.

  39. I don’t know if it counts as a nightmare: We had just returned from our honeymoon, maybe a couple of days. I decided I would make my favorite waffle recipe (which requires beating egg whites “until stiff”). I had mixed all dry ingredients, added shortening, mixed yolks with milk and oil and added that to the dry ingredients… Then realized I never registered for an electric mixer! My forearms got a little stronger that day…
    I look forward to reading your books as I have just discovered you on this scavenger hunt. I liked your FB page and signed up for your newsletter!

    • That made me laugh, Ellen. That had to require a lot of elbow strength. I hope you do get a chance to pick up one of my books. Making Waves is free on Kindle right now.

  40. My worst kitchen disaster… hmm, good question. Truthfully, I can’t remember any! LOL, I guess I can use one of my sister’s stories. Instead of pressing the popcorn button on the microwave, she put a package of popcorn on for twenty minutes. At about ten minutes the house started reeking of burnt popcorn. We quickly ran to shut it off.

    I am a Facebook fan and have signed up for your newsletter. :)

  41. The worse kitchen disaster occurred when my mother-in-law decided she would cook supper for us in our home. She decided she would use a pressure cooker to cook a roast. The roast would have been very good but the cooker exploded and destroyed the stove. I was grateful she was not near the stove when it happened. We still don’t know why the cooker exploded and I have used pressure cookers since then without any problems. I signed up for your newsletter and I am looking forward to the first one and I also liked your facebook page.

    • That could have been far worse if she’d been near it. I’ve heard of that happening. I think you can have a pressure cooker tested at some county extension offices.

  42. I guess my worst kitchen disaster was when I was a teen and baking cookies and caught one of them on fire. I pull the cookie off of the pan and through it down on the counter top and burned a big whole on the counter top. My mother was not very happy with me.

    • I can imagine your mother’s reaction. My son dropped a hot cookie sheet on our vinyl floor covering and left us a lovely decoration. Now that he’s in college, I think of him whenever I see it.

  43. My worst kitchen disaster is every time the kids distract me and I forget to set the kitchen timer. It happened today they were fighting, I had a head ache and burnt the pizza so bad we could not eat it. So we have to always have a plan B. Not a cook since I broke my neck. It is fixed now but seems like my brain is not. Lol. Need a cook book.

  44. Worst kitchen disaster was when I had a houseful of company and too many appliances plugged in and on at the same time in the kitchen. Overloaded the circuit and a fuse blew, leaving everyone in the dark. Most embarrassing to say the least! I have liked your page and subscribed to your newsletter. Thank you. Look forward to reading your work.

    • Judy, that happens at our church building all the time. We just say a man must have wired the kitchen. I hope you get a chance to pick up While Love Stirs.

  45. Ps forgot to tell you I’m a Facebook fan and signed up for newsletter. I have read quite a few of your books and love them!

  46. LIked your facebook page. The first time I made pumpkin pie, I was in my teens. I was so excited that I forgot to put sugar in them. They were nasty! Another time I was going to be festive and I put green food coloring in pumpkin pie. It looked moldy, but tasted yummy.

    • You had me laughing at the green food coloring. My sister used green ketchup in a meatloaf one time and no one would eat it.

  47. I subscribed & liked on facebook!
    I’m enjoying reading everyone’s stories, too!

    I have had so many kitchen disasters. Which is funny since I’ve got pretty good kitchen instincts. The problem is I get too confident and then experiment and things go wrong. My most recent disaster was making my daughter’s birthday cake in January. I researched and decided to try a Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting instead of standard buttercream. The site said it was tricky & caused a lot of people trouble but claimed to be foolproof. Well, I toiled and toiled and was up till 1am and all I ended up with was a huge bowl of sweet buttery soup and a burned-out handmixer. (I think if I’d had a kitchenaid it might have worked out.) I had to get up at 7am and run to the store for ingredients to make normal buttercream and finish the cake with minutes to spare before her party. But it turned out beautifully!

  48. I’ve subscribed and “liked” you! :-) I’ve enjoyed & reviewed several of your books.

    I was only about 4 but clearly remember my worst and first disaster. My mom had gone outside to hang the clothes on the clothesline, and I decided I would be a helper by stirring the chocolate chip cookie batter that was on the table in her big glass MixMaster bowl. Only the bowl was heavy and there was a lot of dough, and I stirred it right onto the floor.

    • Linda, thank you for stopping by! I appreciate you taking the time to read and review my books more than you know. As for your disaster, you were only trying to help.

  49. My kitchen disaster was when I tried to cook for my future husband for the first time. Everything went wrong . The spaghetti stuck to the bottom of the pant the cause was too salty way too salty and I forgot all about the garlic bread so it was black by the time the got there the smoke sector was going off the kitchen was a mess and I was in tears!. We went out for pizza :)

  50. I liked your facebook page and signed up for the newsletter.

    I have had many kitchen disasters over the years. I remember one time taking a fully cooked lasagna out of the oven and proceeding to drop it upside down on the floor. After all that work it was quite a let down to see it go to waste.

  51. I liked your FB page. My worst kitchen experience thus far was making a huge glass bowl of green Jell-O salad, and before it had set, I spilled half IN my fridge, and half on the floor right in front of and under the fridge! What a mess. Second worst was dumping limeade concentrate on the same floor. You CANNOT get that stuff up very quickly, or completely. But at least it smelled good.

    • I can’t imagine that either the Jell-O or the limeade concentrate would be easy to clean up, but I like your ability to look on the bright side.

  52. One day when I was a little girl, I knew mommy had some left over waffle batter in a bowl in the refrigerator. I had decided I was going to be sweet and make her breakfast in bed. I got up on the stool and took out the bowl. I dumped like two cups of sugar into the batter and stirred it before putting it in the waffle maker. Needless to say, the waffle maker was glued shut and we didn’t get to have waffles that morning. Who can’t say I didn’t try right?

    I am a fan of your facebook page and I signed up for the newsletter. Thank you for such a fun memory.

  53. I liked on FB :)
    It’s not HORRIBLE, but I usually have a pot boil over all over the stove atleast once a week… I’m not a very good cook…

    • I hate it when pots boil over. Did you know if you lay a wooden spoon across the top, they’re not supposed to do that?

  54. Cooking disasters… let’s see. There have been many over the years. The most memorable would have to be the time I was trying to bake cookies for while Dad was trying to talk to a realtor. The oven wasn’t working properly and there was a little baking ritual that went… first batch under done, second batch overdone, third batch on fine. Unfortunately I got distracted and the second batch wasn’t just over done… it was charcol. I will never forget the clouds of black smoke billowing around the realtor’s head as she valiantly tried to stop coughing long enough to make polite comments.

    I’ve liked your page on FB and signed up for the newsletter.

    P.S. We have a well loved copy of FFCB in our kitchen. It doesn’t have glossy pictures or a fancy cover… the cover is actually falling off, come to think of it… but it has the BEST recipes.

    • Fun memory, Heather. And if you are a Fannie Farmer fan, I think you’ll enjoy While Love Stirs.

  55. We had cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving one year and we had just gotten a new dog. Suddenly we heard a loud crash and the turkey was on the floor with the dog munching away. She ate almost all of it. *sigh* Gotta love animals!

    • Oops! I forgot to mention, I am a Facebook fan and signed up for your newsletter!

      • I am loving these stories and the dog ones always make me chuckle even though they weren’t funny at the time, I’m sure.

  56. Mine was when I was about 11 and cooking sausage on the stove and it caught on fire. :( I decided to throw water on it and the fire touched the ceiling someone finally came over and put the fire out for me. My sisters made fun of me the whole day.

    • I did the same thing but with bacon. The fire did touch the ceiling, then it went out. I was terrified.

  57. In college, I went over to my boyfriend’s house and we decided to make egg salad sandwiches to take on a picnic later in the day after church. We put the eggs on to boil, and got distracted helping his parents do something, and then left for church. When we got back, the house smelled like Yellowstone National Park and his mom’s saucepan had several very black egg carcasses stuck to the bottom. I ‘liked’ your Facebook page :) .

  58. I signed up for your newsletter and I liked your facebook page.
    My kitchen disaster happened to my parents when I was a kid. We had a severe storm one night and lightning stuck the stove and it caught fire.Don’t worry everybody was okay but the stove wasn’t.

  59. I love to cook. I remember when I was really young and opened a can of chili and thought like with soup I needed to add water. It didn’t turn out so well! Blah! I have had many disasters since then! I subscribed to your newsletter and liked your Facebook.

  60. I liked the facebook page and I haven’t really had a kitchen disaster, but last year my neighbor had a kitchen fire. I’m glad I wasn’t home because I would of been really scared! After that happened, I signed up for renters insurance.

  61. Mine would be the first time I ever made waffles for my husband right after we go married. The waffles tasted like cardboard. This is fun! Thanks doing this scavenger hunt.

    • Do you both still laugh about your cardboard waffles, Jennifer? I’m glad you’re enjoying the hunt.

  62. My aunt had a skillet fire and couldn’t remember what to douse it with (baking soda or flour). She knew it was something white found in the kitchen and used Flour!. Needless to say, it blazed up and the fire department had to be called. She was blessed that the only damage was to the kitchen. I liked your page on fb.

  63. Interesting about the gas stove~ great invention! Liked your facebook page.
    I remember when my kids were very young (1 & 3), we had just moved to a new house & my sister decided it was my turn to host Thanksgiving. She invited a few of her friends along too. The day before Thanksgiving, we had a horrible ice/snow storm knocking out the power. So much for baking pies and precooking anything! We only had electric heat in the house, so it was freezing; had to take my kids to the local mall to stay warm. With all the chaos, forgot to prepare the turkey. Put it in the next day and didn’t take out any of the plastic parts or bags of things inside–just shoved it in the oven. Needless to say, I was a bit embarrassed after cooking it to pull out plastic bags and ties w/company around. Oh well. We all ate it and survived. :)

    • Karen, I’m amazed you even felt like cooking a turkey after that ice/snow storm and the power outage.

  64. Lorna, thank you for being part of the Scavenger Hunt! My horror story happened a few years ago. I was making this really yummy apple syrup to put over pancakes. I reached for the corn starch to thicken it, but instead grabbed the baking soda (at that time, the packages of the two items looked very similar). Needless to say, the syrup was VERY salty. It ended up down the disposal. I’m a follower on facebook and I’m signed up for your newsletter.

  65. I have certainly had many mess-ups in the kitchen, which my husband (who loves to cook) has come to my rescue and helped me fix. One that comes to mind was when I was a teenager and I was home alone. I decided to cook something for dinner and somehow ended up with a sudden small explosion of fire on the stove. At the time I stood there dumbfounded, not sure what to do. For some reason all I could think of was salt, so I quickly found the large container of Morton salt and dumped the entire thing on the fire. Thankfully, it worked and put the fire out. I figured I better toss some over my shoulder for good luck (LOL) and then cleaned it all up and probably ordered a pizza. =)

    BTW- I liked your Facebook page and I signed up for your newsletter. Looking forward to reading your books.=)


    • Jennifer, you’re brilliant. That’s exactly what you’re supposed to do. Hope you enjoy my books. Making Waves is free on Kindle right now.

  66. My worst kitchen moment was with a crock pot. I found a recipe how to cook brownies in the crock pot. I went directly by the directions, but they burned on the outside and the inside was still liquid. Everyone was disappointed to wait for brownies that were not good.

    I’ve already liked your Facebook page and signed up for your newsletter. Thank you for participating in the scavenger hunt and the opportunity for the giveaway.

  67. My mother-in-law used a whole bulb of garlic when the recipe called for 1 clove.

  68. I liked you on Facebook and subscribed to your newsletter! Looking forward to reading your work … I’m just meeting you for the first time.
    My worst kitchen disaster was when I was first married. Snickerdoodles are one of my favorite cookies, so I thought I would whip some up. Sadly, I didn’t realize that “cream of tartar” was not the same as “tartar sauce.” :( It only took a few minutes of trying to pick little green flecks out of the dough before I called a friend and learned my mistake. Still looking for a great snickerdoodle recipe today!

    • It’s great to meet you, Laura. That has to be the best switched ingredient story I’ve ever heard.

  69. I liked your fb page & signed up for your newsletter. I haven’t read any of your books yet but i will because I really like your premise and it seems like a lot of fun! My worst disasters involve water. Oh, I have numerous nights of my food not turning out . . . we call those pancake nights!! : ) But I went through a period when my kiddos were little (probably 2, 4 & 8 or so) and I just kept turning on the water to do dishes and then leaving the room. I flooded the sink/kitchen so many times that my kids knew just what to do . . . start removing the pans under/around the sink. I learned how to put in a new counter. My husband worked 2-11 shift as a Law Enforcement Officer/Sheriff’s Dept. and he would come home and be like . . .what happened here? How could you forget again?? : ) Now (20 years later) I stay till I have it filled. But lately I have burned a couple of things under the broiler . . : / sigh. Thanks for doing the scavenger hunt, I am really excited about reading your work! Blessings.

    • When our kids our distracting us, things happen. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope you’ll enjoy While Love Stirs.

  70. I liked you on Facebook
    The worst kitchen disaster I’ve witnessed happened when I was in college. My roommates and a few friends and I would get together at least once a month to make dinner together in our little dorm kitchen. It was always a really fun time and a nice break from the cafeteria food! So one time was decided to do pasta and garlic bread. One of my friends had this plastic pot type thing that we usually used to warm up the pasta sauce in the microwave. Well another one of my friends was given the task of warming up the sauce, so she put it in a pot and put it in the microwave. Less than a minute later we have smoke pouring out of the microwave and an awful smell filling the kitchen and hall. Turns out my friend grabbed a normal metal pan and not the plastic one. The microwave and sauce was fried, we had to eat our pasta with no sauce and the dorm floor was without a microwave for about a month before it got replaced!

  71. My worst kitchen nightmare was when I put a whole egg in the microwave to cook it in order to save time boiling it. Needless to say, it did not work! the egg blew to kingdom come and what a mess that one little egg made! took forever to get it all off the walls and top of the microwave! I enjoyed your page very much, made me laugh!! O course I LIKED your Facebook page and signed up for your newsletter. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your give away and thanks for being part of this scavenger hunt! I have truly enjoyed reading all the interviews and reviews!

  72. My worst disaster was when first married, I cooked the Thanksgiving turkey with the giblets and neck, etc. inside the cavity instead of pulling them out.
    Your books look to be very good! Thanks for the contest.

  73. If you put a can of sweetened condensed milk in a pan of water and very slowly heat on the stove (for awhile), it will turn to caramel. Yum! One time doing this, we left it on the stove too long and the water had all evaporated. The can got too hot and exploded. Luckily we were down stairs at the time and no one was hurt, but there was caramel EVERYWHERE! What a mess.
    I LIKE your fan page on facebook and I LOVE your books =)
    I subscribed to your newsletter

  74. The first time I tried to make hamburgers, I got so excited about forming the patties that I failed to add any additional seasoning. Then I seriously overcooked the burgers. When I bit into one, it tasted like saw dust. And I didn’t even have a good bun to put it on. :) Thankfully I’ve gotten better at it.

    Excited to be entered in the contest. I liked your FB fan page, too!

  75. I signed up for your newsletter, your facebook page, and you fan page. My worse kitchen disaster happened when my late sister was in the hospital delivering her third child. She knew I couldn’t cook because my Mother would not let me in ‘her’ kitchen. She fixed casseroles and froze them with directions on cooking them attached. My brother-in-law went to work in the evening and worked until the wee hours of the mornings as a Pressman at the local newspaper. My sister included how long to cook the frozen casserole dishes in her directions. Following her directions, I didn’t have a problem until I went to take the thing out of the oven and promptly dropped everyone’s dinner onto the kitchen floor! We had sandwiches for supper that night.

  76. My worst thing to happen in the kitchen was when I first made fudge and it hardened in the pan. I had to throw the pan and spoon away because you couldn’t chisel it out.

    • Virginia, I can see that happening. My mom once used a rubber spatula to stir peanut brittle, and when she pulled it out, there was no rubber left.

  77. I like you on Facebook. My worse kitchen disaster involved a pressure cooker and beans all over the ceiling. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  78. Worst cooking disaster to date: My senior year of college I lived in a campus house with four other women. Once a week we did house meals, a different person making the meal each week. I did not have much cooking experience (easy dishes for me, please!), and I had the added problem that one of my housemates is a pescetarian (will eat fish and other seafood but not other meats) and another is a picky eater who would not eat fish. (I guess a meal with any form of meat is out of the question.) I decided to try a dish with different vegetables in it. Unfortunately, I forgot that the potatoes would need extra cooking. I’m afraid they were still fairly hard while the rest of the dish was just right. Oops! I won’t make that mistake again.

    I have Liked your Facebook page and signed up for your newsletter.

  79. I get the newsletter too. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  80. I liked your facebook page. My worst kitchen disaster would be when we had invited some people over for a turkey dinner and sometime in the three to four hours that the turkey was baking, the oven stopped working. We ended up getting take out chicken instead!

  81. OK, worst kitchen disaster is having burned a lot of food, I suppose. Maybe turning on the oven and discovering after that someone had put something in the oven that was meltable? I did not look before trying to preheat. I don’t even remember what it was, just how we caught the smell and it was messy.
    I liked your facebook page and joined your newsletter!

  82. I liked your facebook page. My friend’s worst kitchen disaster was shortly after she got married and she had invited my husband and I over for her first dinner party. She was making fondue and the oil caught on fire and smoked up the entire apartment. Thankfully, we put out the fire quickly, but dinner was ruined. She was mortified :( . We went out for dinner instead. :) I felt soo bad for her, it looked like it was going to be delicious!

  83. I already lIked and subscribed. I guess my worst disaster is dropping a pot of pasta and water on my gas stove which put out my pilot lights and I had to get everything cleaned up and back to normal.

  84. I do not have one specific disaster but I can not count the number of times I have overcooked food which has subsequently stuck to the pan. I have learned that the best way to clean out burned on food is to put water in the pan turn on the heat and use a spatula to clean out the pan.

  85. First off, I have liked your facebook fan page!

    second, I would like to tell you about a kitchen disaster that we recently encountered at my house.

    My husband and I are currently hosting an exchange student from Mexico. On my birthday, our “son” decided that he wanted to make me Flan- a little something from Mexico. He skyped his mother to get the recipe and then went to the store to get the ingredients needed. After coming home and starting to get to work, he wouldn’t accept any help and decided that he was going to shoo us both out of the kitchen. We both listened, that is until we smelt this awful burning smell coming from that direction. I walk out to the kitchen to find that he is “browning” sugar, but instead of the sugar being brown, it is the blacked I have ever seen. He proceeds to tell me that it is all part of his plan, until the spatula that he was using to stir it also started to melt. Needless to say, good thing we are from Ohio where this winter has been colder than Alaska, because we immediately went out and put the pan full of burnt sugar/spatula in the snow. Fortunately though, we were able to finally get the Flan (with our assistance of course) and it was the best I have ever had!

  86. My worst kitchen disaster was shortly after my husband and I married. I wanted to make breakfast like he was used to at his parents house: homemade biscuits, bacon, and eggs. My biscuits ended up being rocks. It took me several years before I was willing to even attempt homemade biscuits again.

    I have signed up for your newsletter and liked your page on Facebook. I am looking forward to reading your books.

  87. Hi Lorna, Mine occurred when I made a cake from scratch for my mom for her birthday when I was 13yrs old and decided I could made the frosting to and everything was good except for the crunching the sugar made when you ate the frosting. I’d put regular sugar instead of powdered sugar. :) :)

    • I can see a girl doing that, but think how sweet it was that you wanted to make your mom a cake.

  88. Lorna I liked your Facebook page and I signed up for your newsletter.

  89. Hi Lorna – I liked your FB page and signed up for your newsletter. I really enjoy your books and look forward to reading your new one. I don’t really have a kitchen disaster story, unless you count putting a metal rimmed bowl in the microwave and setting off sparks!

  90. I like your Facebook page and subscribed to your newsletter. My worse kitchen disaster happened to my niece, she accidentally turned on burner and place a glass cake pan with chicken on top of it while waiting for the oven to get hot and it overheated and the glass shattered and sprayed all over her kitchen, she called me and I went over to help her clean up her and the kitchen , it was very scary.

  91. Lets see I put cut up potato’s on the stove to boil for homemade mash potato’s and forgot to add water!! It was pretty bad lol,
    I liked your fb page and Im already signed up for your newsletter:)

  92. Hi, Lorna! I “liked” your Facebook page and signed up for your newsletter!

    My worst kitchen disaster happened when a glass casserole dish shattered while cooking. The dish was room temp when I put it in the oven, so I do not know why this happened. Needless to say, no casserole for dinner and quite a mess to clean up!

    texaggs2000 at gmail dot com

  93. I have had a number of bad turnouts in the kitchen, but most recently I turned the blender on with a spoon in it! Oops!
    I am a fan of your facebook page as well!

  94. My son was cooking Christmas brunch for the family and spilled something in the oven. It caught fire and the fire department came with lights and sirens blaring. He was so embarrassed.

  95. My kitchen disaster happened when I requested a favorite recipe from my (now former) mother-in-law. She obviously left something out of the recipe she gave me because I followed it exactly and it was awful! She played innocent. When I saw the episode on Everybody Loves Raymond where his mom did the same thing to his wife I sympathized more with the wife than laughed. I can laugh about it now but needless to say I never asked her for any other recipes. LOL!

  96. Hi Lorna!

    I LIKED your Facebook page and signed up for your newsletter. My worst kitchen disaster involved the dishwasher and not the stove. Let me think a minute…I’m thinking my worst kitchen disasters involving the stove was when I was working as a kitchen aid at an Assisted living facility. I was taking out the liver and onions to check them and I got a mighty burn on the wrist. THat’s the worst burn I’ve had. I ALWAYS seem to get burned there…lol.

  97. When I was still living at my mom’s house I put on a pot of water to boil, added some teabags to the pot and went into my bedroom to watch tv and wait for the tea to finish. I guess I accidentally dozed off because my mom woke me up almost an hour later yelling about how I was trying to burn her house down! My mom’s stove is a gas range so when the water boiled over it just put the fire out and left the gas running. I ruined my mom’s pot (i.e. burnt it to a crisp)! I hate making tea now – I rarely ever do it anymore almost a decade later!
    I liked your fb page & have gotten your newsletter since last Spring scav hunt!

  98. I liked your facebook page and I subscribed to your newsletter :)

    My kitchen nightmare is not so much an event as a whole year. I married my husband and we moved into an apartment together. We both like to cook, unfortunately the kitchen wasn’t big enough to accommodate both of us at the same time. A kitchen you can’t cook in? Unheard of! Needless to say we ate a lot of take out.

  99. I’m going to share a kitchen disaster from when my wonderful husband was trying to take care of me. It was during my first pregnancy and I was struggling with a lot of morning sickness. Cooking smells caused me more problems than eating the food once it was cooked so Ted decided to cook dinner while I stayed in the bedroom with the door closed. Since he had never really learned to cook anything he was using a Hamburger Helper boxed mix. The only problem was that he missed one word when he was reading the directions, “Drain” after browning the hamburger. Needless to say it was inedible, but I loved the fact that he had been willing to try on his own.

    I did like your facebook page and sign up for your newsletter. Thanks for being a part of the scavenger hunt. I’m having a lot of fun on it.

    • What a wonderful memory, though! When we were first married, my hubby made me supper: BBQ pork, baked beans, and chicken chow mien. Needless to say, it was the strangest mixture I’d ever seen.

  100. Thankfully I don’t have too bad of a story. In fact it is rather boring. I was to make brownies for some people coming over. I had forgotten an ingredient (I can’t remember now what it was), and they were rock hard! Literally had to chip them out of the pan!

    I liked your FB page and signed up for your newsletter.

    Thank you,
    Stephanie C.

  101. I honestly can’t think of any disaster right now but I’m sure there are some that I’ve just forgotten. I love this scavenger hunt! I’m learning about some new authors and their books.

  102. I forgot to comment about liking your fb page and signing up for your newsletter. I’m doing both of them. Looking forward to reading your books!

  103. I really enjoy your books-and am a fb fan.
    My worst kitchen disaster was when we were first married and were in our new home. My husbands friends were over helping put in the patio and I was fixing dinner. I had steaks in the oven broiler and they caught on fire. I closed the oven then the door to where they were in the other room. Then went back to the oven to put out the fire.

  104. I can’t think of any major disasters, but one time when I was heating something in the microwave (which was new) on an (years) old plastic plate. While the food was heating, we heard a crack so I turned the microwave off. The plate had broken in half and shattered a bit. When pretty much the same thing happened the next couple times we heated something in the same manner, we got a new microwave (and try to remember to stop using those plates in the microwave).

    Also, one time when my mom was cooking, she took a glass dish out of the oven and set it on top of the stove. Well, we didn’t realize there was a puddle of water on the stove… I learned something new that day -hot glass will boil itself to death if placed in water. It was scary and kind of fascinating to watch.

    I’ve liked your facebook page and signed up for your newsletter. :)
    Rachel K.

  105. I liked your page on Facebook.
    This last Christmas I was so proud that I had the dinner all prepared before my sister got home. Just as she walked in the door, my glass pan of stuffing exploded across the kitchen. Luckily the cat had just left the room, and a cookie sheet protected my face. Moral of the story: make sure you’re turning the right stove burner on…and that you don’t put the cooling pan of stuffing on top of the burner that IS on.

  106. I’ve liked your fan page :) . The worst kitchen disaster I’ve had was my little imp decided he wanted to open all of our wholesale bag of baking soda and swish it through his hands. Luckily, it wasn’t that messy on the countertops. However, it was a disaster trying to keep the little one out of the cabinets for the rest of the week.

  107. When my grown son was a bay, I left a pot of grease o the stove to go change him. Got back and my kitchen was on fire. That was my worst disaster.

  108. I have liked your facebook page. My kitchen nightmare, although possibly not the worst but the most memorable, happened when I was just out of high school. I was babysitting and, not being one who had really done much in the kitchen, fixed a can of spaghetti – o’s. Unfortunately, I fixed it like a can of soup, adding a whole can of water! They were not very tasty and it definitely made me feel silly!

  109. My worst kitchen disaster was when I tried to make oatmeal scotchies from scratch. When I took them out, the whole pan of cookies had run together into one big blob. Haven’t tried to make those again. I am usually a good baker. Oh well. I have liked your Facebook page and signed up for your newsletter.

  110. I have several kitchen disaster stories that include stitches, blood, burnt-to-a-crisp cookies, and the time I thought I baked pork only to be laughed at when my new husband looked at the dish in the oven and told me it was chicken.

    I’ll tell my most recent though. We are missionaries in Southern Italy. Naturally, we don’t have Thanksgiving here. Well, we were fortunate enough to meet someone who worked on an American base and they bought us a whole Turkey (which they don’t sell here). We invited several people over to our tiny apartment to celebrate our American holiday with us. Naturally, people who had declined ended up showing up. So we moved everyone to our small garden outside while I finished making all the dishes in our oven that literally holds only one 9×9 inch pan at a time. I was held up though because the turkey was taking forever! It had already been in there twice as long as recommended. Eventually, I realized that heat only comes from the top of my oven. So I kept rotating this turkey and stressing over it. Finally it looks cooked. We pull it out and cut into it, and blood seeps out. An hour later, we managed to have enough cooked slices to serve along with all the other dishes that I had prepared. Then we left the rest of the turkey in the oven. It took 8 more hours to finish cooking. Talk about embarrassing!
    I liked your fb page!

  111. I am not a very good cook… I love to eat but my husband is the chef in this family and my kids even know it…. I can’t think of what my worst experience is but often I get distracted and mix up the ingredients… Your new book sounds great! :) I already like your Facebook page… but don’t enter me in your contest because I am from Canada :) Have a great day!!!

    • I’m glad While Love Stirs sounds good to you. Having a husband who cooks would be a huge blessing. My hubby likes to make Spam.

  112. Firstly, thank you for being part of the scavenger hunt. What a fun idea and great way to introduce readers to authors they’ve not encountered previously.
    Second; my most recent kitchen disaster included flour and a very large sneezing attack! I was working diligently on a very large batch of knephola soup for my family and co-workers and hand a cold. I had just finished mixing the knephola dough and had it resting. I was flouring my counter tops to roll it out. About the time I had the flour spread, I was attacked by a rather large sneezing fit. Needless to say, it ended with flour ALL over my tiny kitchen.

  113. Happy to have signed up for your newsletter. I cannot think of a worst kitchen disaster, but I cannot make cookies. It’s an epic fail every time. However, I can bake cakes, breads and scones with the best. So it’s slice and bake or even easier, the pull-apart square cookies for me.

    • Oh, Kim, we need to talk. I’m known as “the cookie lady.” I bet I can fix you up with some no fail cookies.

  114. I would have to say my worst kitchen disaster would be: grease fire with a second degree burn. I was in medic school at the time and I decided to cook a chicken patty for a quick lunch. Being absent minded as I am at times, I forgot to turn off the stove after I made my sandwich. I came back into the kitchen to find my pan on fire, since I knew not to put water on a grease fire. I proceeded to cut the heat source and try to smother the fire out with a lid on the skillet. When that didn’t work, I grabbed the skillet by the handle and decided to carry it outside of my basement apartment. The end result was a second degree burn to my hand and fingers; also a burn mark to the floor and a very smoky apartment.

    • A second degree burn certainly elevates a mishap to disaster, Elizabeth. I hope you didn’t get too much of a scar.

  115. I have liked you Facebook page and signed up for your news letter. The kitchen disaster would be trying to do a few too many things at the same time and burning the kids cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

  116. I liked your facebook page and my worse experience in the kitchen was braking about 8 plates in a row when I was about six years old.

    • How did you do that? I triped with six china plates in my hand once. I broke 4 of them and chipped the other two, but I was A LOT older than 6.

  117. My worst kitchen disaster happened when I went to check on a crying baby and left a skillet of oil on the stove. In just a couple of minutes, I walked back into the kitchen to find the skillet flaming. I quickly took it outside and got the “fire” out, but it had melted the controls on my stove. They still worked, but it looked awful!
    I visited your Facebook page and liked it. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  118. My worst kitchen disaster happened when I was 11 or 12? I made my first apple pie for my dad. It looked perfect!! I was so proud of myself! My dad couldn’t wait to eat it! I watched his face as he took his first bite. Something was obviously wrong! He asked me, ‘how much salt did you put in this??’ I said, ‘Only a tablespoon, like the recipe said!’

    Apparently, I’d read the recipe wrong…only 1 TEASPOON was supposed to go in the crust.

    Oops! Now I don’t even add salt…! ;-)

  119. I have liked your Facebook page and subscribed to your newsletter. You are a new-to-me author, so I am excited! Now, for my kitchen disaster (it’s actually my mom’s but I was there!)

    Several Thanksgivings ago, we had planned to share our meal at my aunt’s house. My mom was going to bring her very popular fudge pie. She put both pies onto the oven rack in between getting several children ready to go, etc. After a while, we began to smell something burning. When we opened the oven, we realized that, in her haste, she had forgotten to put them IN the disposable pie tins!!! There was fudge EVERYWHERE.

    As if that wasn’t enough, as we were cleaning up the mess, a MOUSE scurried out from behind the stove!! It staggered around, almost as if it were drunk (smoke inhalation?) and my brother was able to capture it in a box. He and I walked to the woods to release it, but when we opened the box, the mouse had died!!! Too much excitement, I guess. ;) We tell this story almost every Thanksgiving now. :)

    • That’s a great story, Jordan! And I bet it’s one of your favorite family memories. I love how food stories bond us.

  120. My worst kitchen disaster could be the time I cooked a frozen pizza and forgot to take it off the piece of cardboard it comes on in the box. :)

    Facebook fan!

  121. My worst kitchen disaster has nothing to do with food, but everything to do with my oven. For convenience, I purchased a liner that lays on the bottom of your oven to catch spills. One of the instructions with my new purchase was “never use self-clean without first removing liner. ” For years I had a sign taped to my stove to remove the liner before self-cleaning. I finally removed it because it was always in the way. You guessed it, not only did I leave it in, but I endangered my family’s health when the smell of toxic chemicals and my own burning eyes made me go into the kitchen and see what could be happening That’s when I realized I had left the liner in. I turned off the cleaning function and aired out the house. Within 2 weeks we purchased a new stove.
    P.S. I did not purchase another oven liner!

    • Marcia, I’ve seen that notice, but I didn’t know it could turn out so seriously. I’ll remember that.

  122. My husband was trying to mix up Koolaid in a plastic water bottle. He shook the bottle to mix the powder and somehow crushed the bottle while shaking. We had to clean up red Koolaid all over the kitchen including the ceiling. I have liked your FB and have signed up for your newsletter.

  123. my not be my worst but this morning while making the kids oatmeal I spilled one of the bowls all over the counter….liked on fb and signed up for the newsletter:)

  124. My first Thanksgiving Dinner with just my children and me after a difficult divorce did not reach the desired effect. I wanted to give my kids a new tradition to help them along in this painful transition.

    I decided that a baked cornish hen for each of us would be better than turkey. Potatoes were boiling, sweet potatoes baking, and hens cooking away. As dinnertime approached, our tummies rumbled with anticipation at the thought of those succulent hens.

    Our dinner looked beautiful. Everyone got served their own bird along with all the side dishes. As we each carved our hens, I could hear the lovely sounds of… “Eww! Gross! How come there’s blood everywhere?!? This is yucky, mommy!”

    The Cornish Hens had not cooked even close to the time they needed. Our other lovelies of the dinner were now sitting in a small pond of uncooked hen juices. The dinner was ruined.

    Instead of mentally making comparisons of a ruined dinner with a ruined life, I laughed it off and we took off to a hotel and had their Thanksgiving Dinner. We laughed, swam and played, and to this day, the kids fondly remember our “ruined” dinner.

    • I’m glad you fondly remember your ruined dinner. I’m sure it brings back sweet memories now.

  125. I could tell you all kinds of kitchen disasters but dropping the Thanksgiving Turkey on the floor while trying to get the plastic pieces cut out was probably the worst, or the time I forgot to take the wrappers of the sliced cheese, or maybe the time I got something out of the freezer and left the door open all night, or the time I cut myself with a non-serrated butter knife. I look forward to reading your books and am following you on FB and your newsletter.

    • Jessica, I think I need to know more about not taking the cheese wrappers off. I think I may use that on April Fools Day next year. LOL

  126. The kitchen disaster story I remember the best is one about my mom. I was about 12 or 13. My mom had some good friends over for dinner one Sunday after church. My mom was a good cook, or at least a dillgent one. She made a pot roast and potatos and for dessert fixed a nice fresh raspberry pie. My mom carefully looked over all the raspberries and washed each one gently. The pie looked yummy! Raspberry is one of my favorites! However, my mom was devastated when one of our guests, a pretty young teenager, started screaming loudly…”a worm, a worm…there’s a worm in my pie!” Poor mom, but I still chuckle when I think about it. I liked your facebook page and signed up for your newsletter.

  127. I liked your Facebook page and signed up for your newsletter. I guess my worst kitchen disaster was trying to make fudge. I would never harden. It was just always a gooey mess. Even many attempts, I finally got it to work. I found out I was not cooking it long enough. I didn’t give up because it was a treat that my mom had always made, and I liked it so much. Thank you for the scavenger hunt!

  128. Hi! I liked your facebook page, and I’m already receiving your newsletter. A cookiing disaster… Hmm Oh, one time when I was making a red velvet cake, I didn’t have enough red food coloring, and it came out hot pink instead! My husband and I still laugh about the pink velvet cake we had. ;-)

  129. I don’t really have any memories of kitchen disasters, so maybe I’m one of the lucky few, or maybe I don’t spend enough time in it!!! I liked your FB page, and am signed up for your newsletter, too. Thank you for participating in this scavenger hunt.

  130. My worst kitchen disaster wasn’t that long ago. I put some tea bags on the stove to get the water boiling. Well, I got to reading a book and forgot all about it. My fire alarm went out and there was smoke everywhere. My alarm company called and they were sending a fire truck out. I had to assure them that everything was OK. The house smelt terrible for several days afterwards.

  131. My sister in law was doing something with coconut and it caught the pan on fire. Scary experience :) So far I haven’t had any too terrifying or disgusting adventures but I’m sure I will sometime :) I subscribed to your newsletter and also am following you on facebook. I’m so excited about the scavenger hunt. I rarely win anything at all but I love reading about different books and learning things!

  132. This Scavenger Hunt is so much fun! I think one of my worst kitchen moments would be forgetting to put sugar in the Zucchini Bread! Yuck! By the way, I’m a fan on Facebook :)

  133. I burnt water-it’s true. I totally forgot I had water boiling on the stove for tea and eventually smelled a burning pot!

    I signed up for your newsletter and liked your FB page.

  134. I liked your facebook page and signed up for your newsletter. My kitchen fiasco was my husband and I decided to make zucchini lasagna and tried to slice the zucchinis ourselves. First we tried a knife and then the cheese crater (the big slits on the side) then we went and bought one of those slicers. (the one that make fries) and he was using the slicer and cut his finger, no stitches but he is a bleeder so he is there trying to get his thumb to stop bleeding. So I start slicing the zucchinis and he calls me to help him so I stop slicing go to the bathroom help him and got blood on my finger washed it off and it turned out I had cut my finger too (a lot smaller than his but sill we both cut our fingers) so we get ourselves cleaned up. Finish slicing and cooking the zucchini and make the lasagna turned out we cut it to thin, but it was still editable and was quite good though I am not sure we will make it again unless we can find already or a better way to slice zucchini

  135. there is so many to like I will enjoy alot of these books and cant wait to start reading them

  136. The first Thanksgiving my husband spent with my family was so funny. My Dad and Mom were getting the turkey out of the oven and was going to use the drippings for gravy. The pan shifted and the drippings went all over the kitchen floor. My Dad said, “Urp, slop, get the mop!” We all cracked up!

  137. I must be like Julie (above), I can’t think of any “disasters” that I’ve had in the kitchen, either. Other than the occasional boil-over or burned brownies, etc. But, I also signed up for your newsletter and liked your facebook page. Thanks for being part of this fun scavenger hunt!

  138. Hello. I signed up for your newsletter and liked your facebook page. My disaster in the kitchen was when I was younger. My dad asked me to make coffee on Easter. My mom kept the grounds in a Tupperware container. I set the container on the electric burner and thought I turned on the burner under the glass coffee pot. When the burner came on, it started to melt a hole in the Tupperware container and we had coffee grounds going everywhere. Boy was I in trouble. Ha-Ha That is what happens with mornings that start too early!

  139. My biggest kitchen disasters usually are the results of over cooking or under cooking something. There are too many to remember.
    I liked your facebook page and subscribed to your newsletter.

  140. Woah, you poor thing! For me it’s just starting pot holders on fire – yeah, not so safe. That was when I had an electric stove top. No more! I insisted on gas when we moved so I wouldn’t have the temptation to leave the pot holder on top.

  141. I signed up for your newsletter and liked your facebook page. My kitchen disaster, put not enough water in the microwave rice cooker and melted my hubbys rice cooker.

  142. I’ve liked your fan page and signed up for your newsletter. A kitchen disaster story that I remember is when I was about 5 or 6! My mom was in the kitchen baking something, so I decided to pull up a chair to the counter and stand on it to watch…the chair back against the counter/cabinet siding. Apparently I had pulled the chair up against a heater that was in the cabinet siding. And back in those days the chairs had the plastic spongie upper parts…yea, sooooo. My mother at first couldn’t figure out what was burning as she hadn’t put anything into the oven yet! I think we both noticed at the same time when my chair started to smoke! It actually broke into flame before we could get to it. The rest I’m a little foggy on, but I think it was my dad who put it out! So every time someone came over and saw the burnt back of that chair…my story was told! lol

  143. I haven’t had many disasters. Most of them were seasoning errors. The one problems I do have is in making cream or milk gravy. I usually have my fire on too high and forget to turn it down so it is more brown than white. Then I get too much flour in it for the grease and it gets too lumpy. I usually eat a little and then throw the rest of it out. When i was learning to cook my mom or grandmother was close at hand to help me so I really didn’t fail much. Most times like now it is cookies that don’t set right or as above. I did try a baked Alaska for my dad’s VFW meeting and it turned out very good. He said that they loved it. None came home so they must have enjoyed it.

  144. I liked your Facebook page! My worst kitchen experience was when my first attempt at making pita bread caught on fire. The fire alarm went off in the seminary housing I was in. Embarrassing!

  145. Probably my worst kitchen disaster would be either the time I took my brother’s birthday cake out of the oven, touched my wrist with the hot pan and promptly dropped the cake upside down on the floor. Or when I had put a casserole in the oven to bake and soon heard a crash, when I opened the oven my glass baking dish had shattered all over the in the over. Not good to try to clean up and I still had not supper :)

    • There are a lot of those glass baking dish stories being shared today. I’m seriously reconsidering the use of mine.

  146. I liked your Facebook page and subscribed to your newsletter. I am doing the scavenger hunt.

  147. I baked a topsy turvy birthday cake for my granddaughter. It was beautiful, I used so many new techniques and I was so excited for her to see it. I had to travel with the cake and when we arrived the top layer had fallen off. I repaired the cake, it was not as pretty as when I left home but it would do. But… I had to take the cake to the location of the party just a few miles away and by the time I got there, the cake was falling apart all over the place and I had to walk in with a pile of crumbles!! I just sat it down and fled to the bathroom to cry!!! She was so gracious and said it tasted great but I was still devastated.

  148. I forgot, I liked your facebook page! and I look forward to reading one of your books they sound very interesting

  149. Fortunately, I haven’t had many kitchen disasters. The worst I remember was a birthday cake that fell apart when I took it out of the pan. I “glued” it together the best I could with frosting. I’ve found it is much easier now to just make a cake in a 9×13 pan rather than trying to make a layer cake. That way I can enjoy the event rather than be stressed about it.

  150. I forgot to mention that I’d previously “liked” your Facebook page and signed up for your newsletter.

  151. I have trouble with reading directions on boxes. sometimes it’s a disaster and sometimes it’s not. usually my daughter reads them to me now – still working on getting new glasses. once when I was a teenager I tried to make a cup of cocoa using the recipe on the cocoa powder container. I didn’t really pay attention and somehow ended up on the cake recipe and make a cake instead! I didn’t really learn how to cook or anything til I was in my 20s. I feel stupid about it now, but I was just learning!

  152. My worst disaster has to be spilling hot grease down my front while fixing breakfast for guests. My quick-thinking husband pulled my shorts off preventing serious injury. A trip to the emergency room interrupted that breakfast. Thankfully the result was only mild injury. I have liked the Fanny Farmer Cookbook for a long time. Thanks for being part of the Scavenger Hunt.

  153. I already subscribe to your newsletter and liked you on Facebook.
    My biggest kitchen disaster–my husband and I always joked that it was the salmon souffle. I tried hundreds of recipes over the years, but the only one we actually could not eat was the salmon souffle. We both thought it was too awful to eat and I had to throw it out.

  154. My worst kitchen disaster was when I fixed a pot of chili for my husband. He had been complaining that I never got it hot enough for him. I didn’t eat really spicy food back then. I made a huge pot of chili and then took out enough for a small saucepan of chili for him. I added a large can of jalapeño peppers juice and all to the small pot of chili. Needless to say it was too hot. So, he added some of the mild chili to it. It was still too hot. He poured his small pot of chili into the large pot and it was still too hot for him to eat. We had to throw it out. He never complained about my cooking not being spicy enough ever again.

  155. I was already a Facebook fan. I have subscribed to your newsletter.

  156. Hi Lorna! Your new book sounds great! I am a fan on Facebook and have signed up for your newletter. :)
    Let’s see. I actually haven’t had many cooking disasters. There was the time I wasn’t paying attention and turned on the wrong burner on the stove and melted the microwave cover (you know, the thing you put over something when you’re microwaving it) onto the stove. The house smelled horrible and it was interesting trying to get the plastic off the stove.
    Thanks for the chance to win one of your books!

    • Hi, Sarah! I hate trying to get plastic off the burners. (Yep, I’ve had to do it a time or two.)

  157. I had forgotten my kitchen horror story until I read yours. Mine also involved a mixer when I was around eleven, perhaps a bit younger. I was mixing up what I’m guessing was cookie batter with a hand mixer, and for some reason I don’t even know about, and stuck my hand down in the bowl… maybe to push batter off the sides? At any rate I wasn’t thinking properly, and got my fingers all twisted in the mixer. OUCH! It really hurt for a while, and left some injured fingers for a bit, but it’s certainly one way to learn.

    I liked your facebook, and subscribed to your newsletter. :)

  158. I liked your facebook page. My biggest kitchen disaster…hmmm…I’m pretty careful, but I guess it would be lighting a kitchen towel on fire (accidentally of course) with my new gas cooktop. I threw it on the tile floor and my son stomped it out.

  159. I liked your fb page. My worse kitchen disaster…I’ve had many over the years. I’m not the world’s greatest cook When I made my first Potato Cake which requires lots of ingredients, wet, dry, and other. I had flour and cake mix all over mix and a gigantic mess all over the kitchen.

  160. I don’t do much cooking, so I haven’t had too many disasters. One that stands out from many years ago. My sister and I were making brownies and somehow my long hair ended up getting caught in the hand mixer. It was a bit painful and took awhile to get untangled.
    I liked your Facebook page and was already signed up for the newsletter.

  161. When I was younger I was boiling water to make Mac & cheese…the pot caught on fire! Something had been on the burner. I liked your facebook page and signed up for your newsletter.

  162. As a young mother trying to multi task and with a colicky baby, I was cooking liver and onions and some how and to this day I don’t know how…..paregoric that I was giving the baby got in the dish. Ug…awful tasting. ( Of course we no longer give paregoric )

  163. My worst kitchen disaster was misreading the amount of nutmeg I was to put in a new recipe for meatloaf. It read 1tsp, and I added 1Tbsp. At the time, I had a thing for touching meat, so I used a spoon to stir in the ingredients. Let’s say it was not a hit, and after 20 years of marriage, my husband still reminds me of that meatloaf (I made it our first year of marriage). :)

  164. My worst Kitchen disaster was when we had an electric stove. I forgot to keep an eye on the water/milk/butter for the instant potatoes, it boiled over & caught on fire. I grabbed the flour canister & put out the fire, but the element had to be replaced because it was effectively set in cement-style burnt flour.

    ps- I liked your Facebook page :)

  165. My worst kitchen disaster was having my pyrex cake plate blow up in the microwave

  166. When I was 11 or 12, I was baby-sitting my younger brothers. I had the brilliant idea to make pancakes for our dinner. Even though, this was my first attempt at pancakes, I knew it couldn’t be that difficult. Well, before long, the house was full of smoke and the alarms were going off!

    Also, this past summer, I was going to a 4th of July cookout. I had made a Frozen Lemonade Pie, and it was beautiful! As I walked to my car, I needed a free hand, so I stacked the pie on top of something else I was carrying. In slow motion, I saw the pie start to slip, but I couldn’t catch it. It landed upside down in the parking lot of my apartment complex, and I had to stop at the store for a package of cookies. It didn’t happen in the kitchen, but I still felt like crying in the moment! :)

    I’m also a FB fan! Thanks for participating in the scavenger hunt and offering the extra giveaway!

  167. I’m not sure if this counts, as I’m not allowed to use Facebook, but I’ve made the mistake of using too thin a towel when removing hot cookies from the oven, the heat trnsferring to my fingers 15-20 seconds later, and, out of my surprise, slamming my arm against the open, beyond hot oven door. I still have the scar. :( Oh well, that’s baking, I guess. :)

  168. I subscribe, liked your facebook and I attempted to make caramel popcorn balls and while heating up the cornsyrup and browning butter I left it too long so that it stuck to the pan – it cost me a sauce pan since I couldn’t get it out.

  169. I liked your Facebook fan page and signed up for your newsletter. My first memorable kitchen distaster happened when I was 11 years old. I was making a chocolate cake from scratch and grabbed what I thought was a plastic bag of flour from the cupboard. However, as the cake was baking we kept smelling chicken. My mom asked me what I had used for flour, when I told her, we dicovered that I had used a special bag of flour with poultry seasonings in it for fried chicken. My dad still ate my cake, bless his heart.

  170. One of my worst kitchen disasters was shortly after I had my son. I put eggs on the stove to boil and then decided I had time to put him down for a nap. Unfortunately, he didn’t feel like sleeping and it took about an hour for him to begin to nod off. Around that time I heard several loud popping sounds coming from the kitchen…..all the water had boiled out of the pot, leaving the eggs dry…and they exploded all over the kitchen. Needless to say…there was no nap that day. :) I have already subscribed to your newsletter and liked your FB page.

  171. Hello Lorna. The story I have to tell is about my oldest daughter. And, I have to say both were horrible kitchen mistakes. Once she had put grease and stuff in a coke bottle. seems something with baking soda too. Antway she put the lid on and put the bottle in the kitchen trash. Well, she, her husband, and I were all feeling bad with different things and were relaxing in the living room . We heard a loud boom and scared us so bad. The coke bottle had exploded. That grease eas all over the ceiling of her kitchen. On cabinets, fridge, stove, dishwasher, pastry cabinet, and everything it could find a place to get in. We were to go on an out of town trip the next day and so, with her bad neck, my bad back and knees, and Joel with a knee replacement, and a bad cold or sinus infection had to work for hours to clean that MESS up. To make matters worse, her light fixture overhead was a big square with crisscross seams of plastic or something all across that so very hard to clean. Oh also blowed some on the Dining Room (next to kitchen). we were three very worn out people when we finally went to bed. Bet she never did that again. BUT, you find you can do more than you think you can when necessary. And, another time when I was there at a different house she was cooking pinto beans in a pressure cooker, when we went to church she forgot to reset the heat so the little pressure plug wouldn’t blow up. Well she remembered right after the service started and had to leave to go home. Well, it was too late. Ahe had bean plaster all over the ceiling. No need to say she never made it back to church that Sunday. By the way I have already liked your FB page and have subscribed to your newsletter.
    Would love to be your winner. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  172. I have liked your Facebook page as well as signed up for your newsletter. I think one of my biggest kitchen disasters was when I was a teenager and I tried to make peanut butter cookies. The recipe only called for baking soda (it didn’t give an amount) so I added probably a cup! Needless to say, those cookies went in the trash and I have never lived it down!!!

  173. My horror story starts with a holiday gathering called Thankgiving. My Sister-In-Law invited us over to their house around 2. I decided to make some good old fashion stuffing and a sweet potato pie – two recipes I knew well. In creating a smaller batch of food, I had to measure out the ingredients in quantities less than normal. No worries, I know how to cut measurements in half. To my horror, I only cut a portion of the ingredients in half, and the other ingredients I left normal.

    My husband and I decided to show up at 3pm since we figured this time would be closer to meal time. Unfortunately, 2pm was meal time and we were supposed to get to their house sometime before then. So, my dishes were presently late. My stuffing came out too dry and nearly rock-hard, lacking sufficient onion or celery, but had way too much seasoning. It was left untouched. However, my sweet potato pie was overly sugared and runny…. but it was a hit as a sweet potato spiced mush dessert.

    We were never late to their house again and I’ve opted to bring rolls, chips or veggie trays ever since.

  174. I have signed up for your newsletter and liked your Facebook page. Worst kitchen disaster was making a pound cake from scratch. I have used this recipe many times with great success. But this time I was out of plain flour and used self-rising flour. Well, during baking the cake rose and then collapsed. There was nothing but pasty batter underneath a very thin crispy crust. I learned the hard way, don’t make scratch pound cake with self-rising flour!

  175. Baking a cake and forgetting to add the sugar. The cake turned out fine but tasting the cake, it was bland.

  176. I liked your fan page and signed up for your newsletter.

    My worst kitchen disaster is hard to choose. I have two that are very memorable—the first was when, as newlyweds, my husband and I had his grandmother over as our first “official” dinner guest. We had invited her for Sunday dinner right after church, so I did as I had seen my mother do countless times—and as I had even done—while growing up: I prepared a whole chicken in my Pyrex pan and put it in the oven at a slightly lowered temp and we went to church. My horror, anguish, and humiliation were overwhelming when we arrived from church to find our apartment filled with smoke!
    My brave, young, quick-thinking husband quickly went into the apartment, shut off the oven, opened it, grabbed the pan with hot pads, and brought it outside and set it on our doormat. He then proceeded to open windows and set up fans to blow the smoke out of the apartment. I sobbed.

    • I’m sure you were just heartbroken, but impressed by that brave, young, quick-thinking new husband of yours.

  177. When I was a kid during the summer my brother got the awesome job of watching me while our parents worked. He was trying to make us lunch and he wanted pizza. He forgot that Mom always left her cast iron skillet in the oven. He let the oven pre-heat and when he went to the pizza in he realized it was still in there. Not thinking he reached in barehanded to get the skillet and then dropped in onto the linoleum floor when he realized his mistake. Needless to say that we had a rug in the middle of kitchen for a year till parents could replace the whole kitchen floor.

  178. I liked your facebook page.
    I always have kitchen disasters at one time or another.
    I hate electric stoves and I have disasters from time to time.

  179. I have liked your facebook page and I am already a newsletter subscriber.

    My worst kitchen disaster was when I first started out baking I decided to “rest” y eyes while it was in the oven and all of a sudden I was smelling smoke. I over “rested” and ended with a burnt layer. So needless to say I learned my lesson so now I stand vigil by the oven when I am baking.

    • I know what you mean about standing vigil over the oven. I tell my daughters not to text and bake.

  180. I liked your Facebook page. I’ve had a few unpleasant incidents in the kitchen, like the time I made bread in a bread machine and forgot to put the mixer piece back in first, and the time I forgot to put bacteria powder in my yogurt maker and ended up with just a bunch of soy milk that had been sitting out for 8 hours. I also learned that even though cookies made with half the sugar the recipe calls for turn out well, brownies with half the sugar taste gross. But I think the worst kitchen disaster I’ve had was when I was only about 4. My older sister somehow got the idea of adding margarine to our bowls of ice cream, and although I resisted at first, she finally talked me into it. That had to be the worst thing I’ve ever tasted! Nearly 30 years later, the memory of that taste still makes me shudder!

  181. I liked your Facebook (on Chuck Isaac). I spent hours making chicken noodle soup. Everything was from scratch and I made a huge pot of it. I put it on my kitchen table to cool, while I left the kitchen for a few minutes. When I returned, my dear kitty had jumped onto the table and was standing on his hind legs while he was licking the broth out of the pot. I couldn’t believe I had done all that work to turn into cat food! He had never done anything like that before, and never did again, but I wanted to cry that day!

  182. I like your Facebook page and signed up for the newsletter. The worst kitchen disaster has got to be by my husband. Before we were married, he was a volunteer firefighter for the local FD. Once a month a different group of guys would make dinner for their Tues night meetings. So when it came time for his turn, he was to make brownies. He mixed them up put them in the oven, about half way through something came up and he had to leave the house, so he just turned off the oven and left the pan I there. He takes them to the station later and when the guys try to cut into them, they are hard as a rock. They all got a good laugh out of that. Do you know to this day, if we go to the station for a food related thing, they always didn’t bring the brownies, or if I made them I have to say I made them..this has been over 9 years ago that he was on it. He also tried to hurry and make jello set faster to take to a family gathering and it came out hard as a rock. Needless to say, I do most of the cooking now! They still tease him about that.

    • Isn’t it funny how people can never forget those food fiascos? I think it’s a good idea that you cook.

  183. I liked your FB page and signed up for your newsletter. My kitchen disaster occurred on the night I invite half a dozen friends over for dinner. I had what I thought would be a wonderful chili bubbling away in our crockpot all day. The cornbread was ready, the table set, and I went to taste said chili. To my surprise, the beans were still hard as rocks (after 8 + hours in the crockpot). I thought surely if I served appetizers and delayed dinner for an hour the chili would be edible. Unfortunately that was not the case. Everyone wanted to try the chili, but after a few bites, I pleaded with everyone to stop trying to eat it and instead to go out to dinner. Since then, I’ve learned the wonders of a pressure cooker! :-)

  184. I liked your Facebook page and signed up for your newsletter.

    I’m not much if a cook. One time I managed to burn a breadstick in the microwave in my dorm room. The whole floor stank for hours.

  185. HI! I liked your facebook page and also signed up for your newsletter. Love your books!
    I don’t think I have a real kitchen disaster because I make it a point to stay out of the kitchen. I have a hard time baking those pull-apart cookies, let alone anything from scratch!

  186. My most recent disaster was making coffee in out drip coffee maker and my husband pointing out that I forgot to add the coffee :) Thank you for participating in the Scavenger Hunt! I liked your Facebook page and signed up for your newsletter.

    • So the coffee turned out a little weak? We shouldn’t have to cook anything early in the morning.

  187. One of the worst disasters was when my roommates and I were making impromptu stir fry. One of them decided we needed some sauce and went looking for vinaigrette to add to the stir fry. Somehow none of us noticed until we tasted it that she threw in raspberry vinaigrette. It tasted very interesting. :) We told all of our friends who were coming over that they didn’t have to eat it. Most of them listened.

    I subscribed to your newsletter and liked you on Facebook.

  188. It’s been a problem when I’ve pressed the hours button instead of the minutes button on my kitchen timer!

  189. My worst kitchen disaster was when the wall oven in the house we rented caught on fire and I used the fire extinguisher to put it out. Ruined the stove and had to pay to replace it.

  190. I’m not sure I have a kitchen story that isn’t a horror story! I can’t make a grilled cheese to save my life. But my favorite memory of the kitchen was when my mom was talking on the phone while cooking. This was in the “old” days when phones had chords. She pulled the chord along with her, not realizing it crossed right on top of a hot stove element until the line cut out and she was left saying, “hello?” to nothing but the smell of burnt plastic.

  191. I “liked” your Facebook page. My worst kitchen disaster occurred when I was new to cooking from my wheelchair, about four years ago. I have an electric stove with the controls for the burners on the very back of the stove. Using a pan that was smaller than the burner and with that front burner on “high”, I reached to turn it down. As you can probably imagine, that put a part of my anatomy in a very vulnerable position – one in which I have been very careful not to repeat!

  192. I don’t think I am in the kitchen often enough to have a really bad kitchen disaster! I did completely burn the outside of the pork chops about a month ago. My husband simply scraped off the burnt outside and kept eating. He’s a good man. :-) I liked your FB page and subscribed to your newsletter!

  193. My worst kitchen disaster is when my oven caught on fire. That was a scary moment!

  194. Worse kitchen disasters I can think of two.

    A few years ago I started some oil to make french fries and caught the pot on fire cause I picked up a book and got distracted. Thankfully we got it out before there was to much damage.

    The other disaster was when I was in middle school. We made something called a creeping pancake and I decided to make one at home. Well I did what we did at school and put the glass dish on the stovetop to melt the butter. Well I had added to much butter so I took the dish off the stove and placed it on the stainless steel counter. As I was reaching up to get a bowl the entire dish shattered. Thankfully I was looking up and didn’t get cut by any of the glass.

    I am a fb fan

    • Creeping pancakes? I’m going to have to go look up that recipe. And any time you get distracted by books, I think it’s a good thing.

  195. I was a young bride when we decided to attend my husband’s family reunion. I decided to make a pecan pie. I am a detail oriented person, so I read and followed all of the directions to the recipe. But, after the stated baking time, when I took the pie out of the oven, it was not set – the whole pie moved when I shook it. So, I continued baking it until it no longer moved when I took it out of the oven. I didn’t try to cut it before we took it to the reunion, so imagine my embarrassment when someone tried to cut it, and not even an ax would have been able to chop into it. That pie was set like concrete!

  196. Forgot to mention I liked your FB page and subscribed to your newsletter.

  197. I liked your FB page and signed up for your news letter. My first kitchen disaster was early on in my marriage. I was wanted to show off my cooking skills and make some gumbo. Well I didn’t do my roux long enough and it tasted too much like flour. It wasn’t edible and I had to throw it out. I was embarrassed, but we’re still married 29 1/2 years. I finally perfected my gumbo too.

  198. I was making sweet tea recently and the string on the tea bag slid onto the stove eye and caught fire. It was a little alarming!

  199. I was making rolls for Christmas dinner at Mom’s. I’ve never, ever, had a batch of dinner rolls turn out so bad! I think each roll weighed in at about 3 pounds! They were completely awful, heavy and chewy. Ugh.

  200. I had, & still have, long hair–I was leaning over, taking a pan out of the oven, and my hair caught fire…did some quick moving–beating my hair w/ the hot pads, while I got over to the sink & ran water over my very singed hair…

  201. I liked your Facebook Page …. hmmm, let’s see … worst kitchen disaster would have to be when a glass pan of brownies somehow exploded in my oven and the oven caught on fire. That was pretty crazy.

  202. Hi! I like your FB page. My worst kitchen disaster was when I took a hot casserole dish out of the oven set it on a burner that was cold (from a pan of cold water that I had loves a moment before). We all know what happens to hot glass when it touches something cold. The whole thing exploded!

  203. I’m a fan of your facebook page, but hmmmm I’m not sure.. I don’t think I’ve ever had any major disasters. In my old oven, one of the filaments broke or melted… but caught fire and an electrical fire started, thankfully I realized and nothing major happened, but it certainly scared me. Probably a major emotional disaster was when I fell asleep (since I stayed up late) while waiting for my cheesecakes to finish cooking and I ruined them! ugh…. what a sad and depressing day that was. :)

  204. I liked your facebook page. My worst disaster happened on Halloween night. I had a baby and two toddlers in the home. My husband was frying chicken on the stove, when the baby cried from the upstairs bedroom. I was taking the second child to the upstairs bathroom. He left the stove unattended to take care of the baby and the kitchen started on fire downstairs while we were all upstairs. Fortunately, we had 2 fire extinguishers and were able to put the fire out and go trick or treating. The kithcen had to be rebuilt and the house completely cleaned from the smoke damage.

  205. My biggest kitchen disaster was a couple years ago. Fortunately, it’s not as exciting as a lot of the stories already posted here! I was going to make dinner rolls from a family recipe my mother-in-law had written down for me. I ended up with an ooey-gooey sticky mess and no idea why it wasn’t forming a ball of dough. And I had no clue what to do to fix it! I ended up just dumping it out and found a different recipe to use instead.

  206. Hi I liked your Facebook page. My worst disaster in the kitchen, I was a newlywed and never cooked rice before. I boiled the rice like you would macaroni needless to say that is not the way to cook rice! Lol. A week later my grandmother brought me over a cookbook and told me if you can read you can cook!

  207. My kitchen disaster is straight out of an I Love Lucy episode. I was 16 years old and I was making a batch of chocolate chip cookies for our churches coffee and treats time for after service. As I was laying the cookies out that evening I looked down and realized that my ring was missing. I freaked out! Quickly I called together all the teens in my group and told them that I may have baked my ring into the batch of cookies. Everyone dug in eating each cookie VERY carefully. Mind you we also shooed the grownups away. Thankfully there were lots of other treats. After we had gone through about 3/4 of the plate of cookies, my friend Todd threw his hand up in victory while holding my ring!

    From that point on I never left a piece of jewelry (other than my wedding band I never take it off and always confirm it is on my hand after baking) on my hand or even in my ears while cooking.

  208. My disaster was cleaning up after the hubby cooked. I was on my way to the city for a pre-natal visit and my husband called. He’d decided to warm up the ‘crockpot’ of beans on top of the stove instead of putting it back in the crockpot warmer. Needless to say, it wasn’t intended to be used on the stovetop and after it broke there were beans and juice everywhere! It was a gas stove with pilot lights. The juice got in the pilot lights and the stove never worked right again!!! He did learn from his mistake :)

  209. I’ve had a couple…when I was little I put one of those metal wrapped Pop-tarts in a toaster and it caught fire. I didn’t know they had to be opened and separated….Also, when I was in high school I put Dawn in the dishwasher because we were out of detergent….It made bubbles all over my parents kitchen… As far as food, I’ve burnt a week’s worth of chicken in a crockpot I left on all day while at work. I had to eat burnt chicken that night, because I didn’t have anything else to eat at home.

    Thanks for being a part of the scavenger hunt! I’ll have to check out both of y’alls books!

  210. One of the disasters i had was when i had my boss and her hubby over for supper. it was after work, so i had made it in the frying pan…i added too much red pepper, and we drank a lot of water that night. We are still friends, though

  211. Two weeks after we married, I put on a large amount of beans, and we up town, when I can back the neighbor was in my house, with fans, She and I made chili quickly before husband got home at noon. When he came in he didn’t say anything, just ate the burned beans, Then next time he prayed, said , Please Lord, teach my wife how to cook beans, please! Oh, Oh, I was caught.

  212. I made my mother-in law a red cake the first year i was married. Her bday is in August and it was hot and the frosting all ran off. Very embarrassing!

  213. Thanks for participating in the hunt! I’ve liked your FB page and subscribed to your newsletter. I haven’t had any kitchen DISASTERS (although the smoke alarm goes off too often for my tastes!), but my good friend set her stove on fire. She caught it before too much of the wall got burned, and thankfully, they had a kitchen fire extinguisher nearby!

    • After reading all these responses, I think I’ll go check my fire extinguisher and make sure it’s not outdated. :)

  214. I liked your facebook page and subscribed to your newsletter.

    I can’t think of one stand-out kitchen disaster, but I’ve certainly made a few flops over the years. (Trying to revive dried out meat with water in the microwave wasn’t overly successful!)

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