Our three blessings and two of our nieces
A little extra -- just for fun ...

  • I'm also known as The Cookie Lady.

  • I was once pulled over for bank
    robbery because my car matched the
    suspects getaway car.

  • I love flower arranging, singing, and

  • I am a 4-H leader.

  • Each year, I teach at church camp.

  • My youngest daughter weighed 11
    lbs,   8 oz. at birth, and she was 3
    weeks early!

  • My husband is 6'6" tall and I'm 14
    inches shorter.

  • Give me Josh Groban or Keith Urban
    to listen to, and I'm a happy woman.
-Inspirational author and speaker
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For as long as I can remember, I loved writing. I
even dreamed in plots. I also grew up attending antique
auctions nearly every weekend, so history was as much
a part of my life as chores on our farm in Iowa, reading
books, and playing with Barbies.

So, writing historical romances fit perfectly. Times may
change, the style of clothes, the way we speak, but the
common threads that unite us remain the same.
Couples fall in love. Injustices happen. We fight for what
we believe in. We struggle. We endure. We grow.

After graduating from York College in York, Nebraska
for two years, I transferred to Lubbock Christian
University and received a B.S.Ed.

When I returned to Iowa, I met and married the love of
my life, David. God had written our love story, and I knew
from the moment we met that he was the one. It was not
love at first sight by any means, but I was so sure he was
"it" that I wrote that I'd met the man I would marry in my
diary. We pledged our hearts to one another two and
half years later.

I taught high school English until my oldest child was
born. After that I began my career as a professional
wiper. I wiped noses, counter tops, tiny tushes, tears, and
scraped knees.

Deciding that my children were now older and less in
need of my constant supervision, I started pursuing my
first love again --writing. After joining American Christian
Fiction Writers, I found a wonderful critique group and
began studying the craft of writing.

David and I have three children ages 20, 18, and 13.
He's a deacon in our church, and we both teach bible
classes and have worked with youth for many years.

Thank you so much for stopping by, friend!
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